Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Garden Harvest

We have watched the seedlings we planted in the kindergarten garden grow over the last two terms until they are finally ready to harvest.
This morning the children picked spring onions, pok choy, broccolli, and silverbeet. Once washed they set to work to chop and dice them ready to be stir fried. We included some mushrooms and a couple of carrots as well. While the chopping was underway we had a cup and a half of rice on the stove cooking.
Next step. Heat oil in our electric fry pan. Everyone had turns putting the veges in the pan and giving them a stir. What a lot of steam! Where did it come from. What made it happen. The children had their own ideas about that. Everyone was careful not to touch the sides of the hot pan.
A delicious smell started to fill the kindergarten.
We added the cooked rice. Why was it soft now? Where did the water go that we put in to cook it?
Stir the rice in the veges, add Tamari (wheat free soy sauce) and taste. Just in time for morning tea. YUMMY!

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