Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Artists at Work

Over the week we have been revisiting screen printing using underpainted sheets of paper as our base. This has proved an excellent way to recycle unnamed paintings and other pieces of paper. The children draw a picture and cut it out for their template. Then they place it on a piece of paper and place the screen over it. The final step is applying the paint over the screen to produce the print. They have also discovered that they can reuse their template over and over again, so producing multiple pictures of the same print but with different shadings. Another discovery they are learning about is the detail that they put into their drawing may not appear on their print unless they cut some of these out of the template. Some of the children have become very skilled in how to cut out eyes, mouth, legs and other such features.


snaphappymum said...

Love the screen printing. Maggie loves it and i have to admit that when i see it out in the morning i try to hang about to have a play too. It's really nice to see the experimentation of different mediums with the artworks and is fun for all ages (heehee)and a great opportunity to get down and play with Maggie too.

Heather B said...

what a great activity
Cameron was very excited about being an expert! and is very proud of the results