Sunday, July 25, 2010

Let's Make Lunch!

Wednesday 21st July

I had a keen group of willing helpers when it was suggested that we could make something for the teachers for lunch. "Can I help too?" was the much asked question. I had brought along the recipe for 'Poor Man's Souffle', a quick and easy savoury dish to make with young children. It involves buttering and cutting bread, grating cheese, cracking eggs (always a challenge for little hands!), and using the electric beater as well as mathematical concepts as they measure and pour ingredients. And the end result was a great looking and tasty dish that the teachers did devour for lunch. Next time I have promised that we will make it for the children to eat. Meanwhile, here is the recipe. Some of you might like to make it at home with your children. I doubled the recipe which made heaps.

Poor Man's Cheese Souffle

6 slices buttered bread cut into fingers

3 eggs
1 bowl grated cheese
2 1/2 cups
(500 mls) milk
salt & pepper

Put half the bread fingers on bottom of souffle or casserole dish. Cover with half the cheese then another layer of bread and then remainder of cheese. Beat milk, eggs and seasonings together and pour over the bread and cheese. Cook at 1
80 degrees for approx. 45 mins and it is golden brown and well risen. Enjoy!

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