Thursday, July 15, 2010

Is it Ice or Slushy?!

24th June 2010

In spite of all the rain that had fell the previous day there was still some ice lying on the ground for the afternoon children to have fun with on the Thursday. Armed with little shovels some tried to dig it up while others had fun throwing it at the climbing wall. Then Lynne added some paint to it which looked very cool, a bit like fruit slushies. Lots of children got busy then trying to dig up the coloured ice. It was pretty tricky as it had gone so hard over night but that did not stop the children from attempting to get it onto their shovels. But I think the most fun was had by those that were brave enough to have a turn on the little sled. There was so much laughter and excited faces when that was happening! I wonder if any children got up to the real snow during the term break.

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