Friday, July 9, 2010

Ice Sculptures come to Kindergarten.

Following on from the children s' interest in early morning frosts and cold weather we arranged for a tonne of ice to be delivered to kindergarten. Sadly I was sick and so missed out ( but I know someone else will write all about it) The photos looked amazing. I was delighted to be a kindergarten a week later when Southern Distributors kindly donated us some ice sculptures to explore and marvel over. Right from the moment the truck arrived out side the front fence the children were intrigued . The two friendly men carried in the large sculptures and the children quickly followed.We all oohed and ahhed as they placed a yacht, two swans and a clam shell in the water trough. Children were fascinated by the sculptures and their interest was held right throughout the next two days. The children had opportunity to explore with a 'hands on approach " the scientific concepts of water ice , freezing and melting. On the second day the children also began to add "props" to their play, as penguins, whales, and dolphins began ot frolic in the water and climb on the ice bergs. I always find it brilliant to observe children exploring and making sense of the new by incorporating things they are already familiar with. What a great opportunity for us all experience first hand the properties of ice. And once again I find myself delighting in the community we live in that makes these type of experiences available for children. Thank You Southern Distributors.

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