Thursday, July 29, 2010

Gluten free baking.

Having previously had unsuccessful experiments of using gluten free flour to bake with, I was very interested this week when a Mum arrived with all the ingredients to make gluten free scones.And as always soon a group of children gathered all very keen to have a turn to mix , stir and pour .Gluten free flour feels a little like corn flour in texture so it is quite different to work with and so I was relieved to have an expert in our midst.As i took photos I listened to children comment on the texture and saying things like " it feels so soft"
Very soon the children had completed the task and a tray of scones were ready to go into the oven. We are lucky indeed to have family and whanau who are prepared to come and share time and skills with us, our tamariki always benefit.Please if you have something you think the children would enjoy or a new skill they might like to try come and talk to one of us.


Lynne Paul said...

Just testing to see if comments work.

Mary said...

It does.!!

denise said...

There is often some great cooking smells coming from the kindy kitchen at pick up time. Yum!