Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What's been cooking in the sandpit?

What industrious fun there has been the past couple of weeks with creating delicious?? concoctions in the sandpit. There has been chocolate and chocolate cake along with the complex making of wombat stew.
Whatever the brew there has been a group of cooks and all having a role to play. Each adding their own individual ideas and flair to the overall product. Some adding more water, others adding more sand and mud.

When it came to the wombat stew there were many bits and pieces added to make up for flies, feathers, bugs and slugs. All the time we read the story and chanting the song
Wombat stew
Wombat stew

Munchy crunchy for my lunchy
Wombat stew

Next time you are passing, feel free to come and taste what is on offer, or better still add your own personal touch to the brew! p.s. no wombats were hurt in this process. (In fact we couldn't find one!)

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