Friday, June 18, 2010

What happens to our rubbish?
A little while ago a group of children and I buried some food scraps, tin foil, plastic and yogurt pottles in the garden. The question we asked is "What will happen to our rubbish". Some children theorised that the worms would eat it all so we decided to wait and see what we would happen. Today ( six or so weeks later) was the day to dig in the garden and make some more discoveries. We found the yogurt pottles tin foil and plastic covered in dirt and with a few worms inside but no other changes. The food scraps had turned into beautiful rich soil and the children decided the worms had done a great job. The conclusion the children came to "the worms can eat the food but not the rubbish" . In order for children to be able to care for the world and take responsibility for it they first need to fall in love with it. I hope this sort of experience will help children do just that. By making discoveries about what happens to our rubbish my hope is that children will naturally take responsibility for what they do with their own rubbish in order to be part of keeping our world a beautiful place.

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