Monday, June 7, 2010


Last week were lucky enough to have one of our dad's give up some time to take a football coaching session over at the intermediate school hall. We took 20 children over and everyone had a busy and enjoyable time. It was a great opportunity to take the time to practice balls skills in a completely different environment (as well of course as listening skills).We spent time doing warm ups, different football drills , and even fun games of tags (all football related of course). It was a fantastic time and I was impressed with how well the children listened and joined in. Elephant ears proved to be an addition ( ask your children what thye look like).It was exciting to watch the junior footballers in our midst show off their already gained knowledge and skills to their friends too. Thanks Ian for taking the time to share your skills and passion with us, we really appreciated it and look forward to more. Again what an amazing community we have , people who give up their time to share skills with the children and also having resources like the Broadgreen School Hall for our use. We are fortunate indeed.

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