Saturday, May 22, 2010

Water water anytime.

Water is a magnetic for children and adults and despite the weather it never loses it appeal.  So I sat alongside the children wondering how we could continue these wonderful opportunities to explore the properties of water during the winter months.  I think it is called a pair of wellies, a coat and some warm clothing and a great big puddle.  Remembering that a winter in Nelson has cold mornings and warm sunny days.
The look on children's faces when they take their shoes and socks off and immerse their feet in the water is undescribable, and to be honest as an adult it feels great.  It came as no surprise during my week as the outside teacher last week to see the boys recreating their water game on the slide.   It takes courage and lots of teamwork to get it happening, but the fun factor is the ultimate.  Before long they had stripped down to their undies and we had checked out the safety in the area, then away they went, flying down the wet slide into a large puddle of water and out the other side.  By the end of the game there was not just boys but a few girls who couldn't resist either.

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