Saturday, May 22, 2010

A trip to WOW!

While the other small group was off at Guytons, a larger group set off walking, to the Wearable Art Museum with Lynne, Margie, Mary and Elaine.  It was a glorious morning with lots of parents and helpers along for the morning and lots of excited children.  The children from Nelson South came along too with Mary alongside, although I don't think that they needed any support at all.  They had a fabulous time.
There is always so much to see at WOW, but sadly we can not take photos, so we have one of their books with all the amazing costumes in and a DVD of the shows, which are spectacular.  There was lots of chatter on they way along the railway reserve, of course watching out for any trains or trolls under the bridge.  Watch that sewing room and construction room to see childrens ideas evolve, who knows these children may be entering their masterpieces in the WOW shows in years to come.
I think we really need to visit again just to absorb a little more, as the experience is overwhelming at first, but inspirational and the creativity blows your mind and your senses.  Take the opportunity and visit with your children.

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