Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Seasons change - so does our centre piece!

As autumn is upon us and winter just round the corner it is time to recreate a new sculpture for the paint easel. As children and teachers have gathered leaves, bark, dried flowers and seeds and drift wood there were many natural resources to create our work. The glue guns are always popular tools to create sculpture and I am always amazed at how children are able to have pieces stand up and stack on top of each other creating interesting shapes and features. The glue guns have now been set up in the sewing room so children can use them as they choose. Teachers have also ordered more guns and of course glue sticks, so more children can engage at once. I have to say having only two guns does mean children need to negotiate their turns and also to manage their impulsivity! In others words waiting their turn and allowing others to choose where and how they will stick things.
So next time you are in the garden or walking through the park have a look around for some resources you may think would be good for glue gunning and of course you are always invited to have a go yourself!

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