Saturday, May 22, 2010

Our emergency drills

Every week we practice one of the emergency drills with the children, either fire or earthquake drill.
So what do we do if there is an earthquake?
If you hear a teacher call out "earthquake drop" you fall to ground and curl up in a turtle/hedgehog position and place your hands across the base of your brain, to protect it from getting hurt.  You do not move until you hear a teacher tell you it is safe to go back to play, or tell you what to do next.  It is important that whether children are inside our outside that they drop down right where they are playing.  This is the kiwi group doing a magnificient job of the earthquake drill during small group time, then they showed the bigger group at mat time how it is done.
With the fire drill, a teacher blows the whistle 3 times and children immediately move off to the black matting beside the slide, sitting down quickly they wait to hear their name called and for a teacher to tell them what to do next or that it is all safe to return to their play.  The teachers have assigned job responsibilities to clear the building, check that all children are out, close the doors and met with the fire brigade at the entrance, as well as take roll call to ensure that everyone is out. 
There are a number of fire and earthquake signs up in the building.

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