Thursday, May 6, 2010

Learning about other ways of caring for the world.

One morning some of the children asked about the worm farm, so we got some rubber gloves and checked it out. Did you know that human skin burns the worms so it's important to wear gloves to keep the worms safe. We were all delighted to find heaps of worms eating their way through all the scraps.

Some of the conversations we have been having this week have been about "what happens to our rubbish" so today we tried an experiment. We collected a sample of rubbish, food scraps, glad wrap,tinfoil and yogurt pottles and buried them in the garden. We talked about what might happen to the rubbish and next month we will dig it up to make some discoveries. Some children buried the rubbish and some others made markers to show remind us of what's beneath the soil.

This week we have been collecting the leaves that are falling around the playground so we can make some leaf mulch. Some of the children helped sweep up the leaves and then tip them into the area we had made.

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