Saturday, May 22, 2010

Inquiring minds

From the moment children are born, they are natural scientists wanting to explore the world.  They try to make sense of their world by investigating and trial and error.  Children learn through their senses, so it is really important for them to have as many hands on experiences as possible.
The afternoon group are a curious bunch ready to try out any new experiences, such as the carrot top growing experiment, which a child brought along to share with the group.  We have set up a trial group to see if they grow and this is an opportunity to grow other seeds to.
An afternoon of fun was about exploring the properties of the wobbly mirror, which changes your body shape from long to short, or wide to upside down, and when it was put on the ground we wondered what we might see in our reflection.  With the parachute over top to create an enclosure, we gazed into its depths and used our imaginations to find dinosaurs and scarey monsters (the boys helped out with this).
The teachers often reflect on where does science happen here?, and everytime we do , we realise that it happens everywhere at kindergarten not just in the science area.

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