Monday, May 3, 2010

Excursion to Guyton's

Wednesday 26th April

It was a very excited group of boys that set off to visit Guyton’s fish shop. This trip had been organised as a follow up from last term’s excursion to the Aquarium and the continuing interest in fish and sea creatures that several of these boys have. We travelled by car, with mums and dads helping out with transport and supervision. We drove along Rocks Road, children recognising familiar places like the Lion’s Playground. “Where’s Mr. Whippy?” one wanted to know! Another knew a little about Fifeshire Rock. “Silly rock. A boat crashed into it.” Once at the wharf there was lots to see both out on the water, with tugs boats heading out to bring in a big container ship, and inside the shop, where they not only saw all the kai moana for sale but could see the guys filleting the fish through the viewing window. Favourites were the big crayfish and the moonfish. Before leaving we bought some hoki and once back at Kindergarten we cooked up some fish and chips for lunch. Yummy!

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