Monday, March 15, 2010

Weaving Harakeke
23rd Feb - 15th March 2010

We have had a student teacher Rachel in the kindergarten for the past four weeks and she brought with her the skills of weaving. Rachel introduced the children to weaving harakeke (flax)in a variety of ways and also to the tikanga (cultural rules) that this encompasses such as how to cut the flax.

The children were drawn to the quiet times of sitting under the tree weaving their creations and parents joined in to learn also. Weaving will now be a part of kindergarten programme and teachers along with children look forward to learning more of these skills as the year goes on. Rachel has made the kindergarten as resource book outlining information and ideas for weaving. You will find this in the library.

Watch this space as we begin to weave around the pear tree making a visual barrier for children. Our tree is very old so as much fun as it would be to climb it we wish to protect it and have it as part of our environment for a very long time yet.

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