Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The environment speaks a language that children understand

The environment plays an important part in the programme, inviting children in to investigate, problem solve, to engage with and to stimulate thinking.  The teacher’s research over the last 3 years has highlighted the importance of providing a high quality and engaging indoor and outdoor environment, one  that draws children in, invites them to spend time, and allows time for them to be able to touch, smell, and look at things.  These areas promote independent play and co-operative play, so that children can choose to engage on their own or with others.  They can return to these areas again and again, to explore further, to question and to share their new knowledge and understanding with others.

 Creating an environment together means that teachers, children and families have an opportunity to share their ideas, passions, skills and knowledge with each other.  Be a part of our environment by sharing your ideas.

You will have noticed that we have enhanced some of the outdoor areas with material to create defined spaces to beautify and invite children into play.  These areas will change over time in response to what is happening for children and teachers.

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