Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dinosaurs and Volcanoes

9th November 2009

Talking about the dinosaur age in our last entry, we had dinosaurs and volcanoes all happening at Kindergarten a couple of weeks ago. The children helped me to set up a dinosaur land in the water trough to which we even added a volcano! This provoked much interest and excitement from the children, so much so that this play continued over three days, each day more features being added to the dinosaur land. On the last day it turned into quite a science experiment when I brought out lemons, limes and oranges, using
these as a substitute for the vinegar when making the volcano. The children helped to squeeze the fruit and then it was wait and see as the juice was poured into the baking soda mix, each fruit poured in separately so we could notice any changes. I wonder what did happen?! You could find out yourselves by trying this at home.

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