Monday, October 26, 2009

Planting and Harvesting

22nd October 2009

Spring time is here and the garden is flourishing. We have started to pick some of the crops in the vegetable garden. The morning children have made 'Dinosaur Pie' using some of the silverbeet and the afternoon children have been enjoying fresh parsley, silverbeet and broccoli with the kai time fruit. "It's yummy!" exclaimed one child as she ate piece after piece of the raw silverbeet.
Then last week some of the morning children helped to plant some potatoes in a special potato drum. We dug out some great compost from our own compost bin as a starter and then added potting mix to this. The children carefully placed the seed potatoes on top of the soil and then covered them up with some more of the mix. Now we just have to wait and watch and hopefully before too much longer we will see the first of the potato sprouts pushing their way through the soil. Let's hope that we are not too late to have some new potatoes for Christmas!

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