Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mosaics. learning a new process together

During my time at Pinegrove Kindergarten the children and teachers created some mosaic garden art. I discovered the Nayland Kindergarten team had discussed creating something similar.
I was game. Lets give it a try.
To introduce the art of mosaics we found some wonderful library books that told of the history, explained the process and suggested ideas for creating wonderful mosaic work.
Paper mosaics were our first step. Children quickly understood and explored
this new form of creativity. Some of the results are now displayed on the wall.
Both morning and afternoon sessions have created paper mosaics.

The next stage of our exploration was to roughen the surface of the pipes ready to glue on the tiles. Using two different kinds of file, we had willing helpers over many days until the surfaces were ready.
Then... putting on safety glasses and talkin
g about the sharpness of edges and the need for thoughtfulness and care, we set about breaking the coloured tiles into small pieces.
Now... the glui
ng of tiles is underway.
Check out the progress next time you have a moment.
This will be an on going project.
thought will have to go into where the best place for the finished works might be in our playground.

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