Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fun Fern Coaching Session by Tina

Some children and parents have been practising their netball skills at Fun Ferns at Saxton Field Sportsground.
So a couple of parents who are real Fun Fern coaches ran a coaching session at Nayland Kindergarten:
1. Blow the whistle and change, stretching exercises – legs, waist, ankles, ,
2. Fox and goose game - fox at the end of the line wants to eat the goose at the beginning of the line....lots of fun
3. Pass the ball backwards over head and then between legs from front of line to end of line.
4. Last game - all the balls are in a big nest in the middle and there are 4 nests around the outside - go raid the big nest and other nests to collect the most balls - just lots of fun!!!
Thank you to our parents who ran the coaching session - it was enjoyable and we now have a few more ideas for fun games.

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