Thursday, August 13, 2009

Water water everywhere

13th August 2009

If you ever suggest that it is too cold for water the children just look at you in disbelief and who cares that it is winter time, kids and water just go together.
One child had arrived at kindergarten with a plan and the moment the sandpit was open he was in, he set about constructing his pipeline, spending some time choosing his pipes and the route that they would take. This gathered the interest of a number of children who gathered around to watch and before long, they too were in construction mode. The sandpit was very full of equipment, which I think added to the busyness, but it also added an element of design as the pipeline had to snake around it. Another child had engaged in making a river and then the two ideas came together as the pipeline was laid in the river. Vehicles, diggers entered the play to build volcanoes, pushing sand up into mounds to create them alongside the river. "We need water" was the plea.
The negotiations began as the children problem solved how they would transport their water, which at first was by bigger bucket, then to conserve some water I reduced the size of the water container and they had to problem solve their bigger buckets into a smaller container. There was lots of discussion about whose turn it was next, and how much water they could have, which river it was going into. By now there were arms of the river reaching out in all directions and the discussions and debates about vehicles and people exploring the rivers was a hot topic.
The opportunity for numeracy, literacy, and science exploration was alive and well in the sandpit as this play continued for over 1 hour, when a child called out "can we one of those red exploding volcanoes now?. He told me I had to go inside to get the coloured stuff I needed and then he instructed me on the science of making it bubble over.
Oh well, lots of wet clothes and wet people, but what a rich learning experience.

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