Tuesday, August 11, 2009


11th August 2009

This afternoon a group of boys were busy digging away in the sandpit. One of them had the idea to make a volcano just like he had in his own sandpit. So there was lots of hard work with the spades and words of encouragement from me to keep digging to make the volcano higher. And we got there, in spite of the fact that one child was intent on trying to knock the volcano down! So into the kitchen we went to find the ingredients we needed to create the larva. There was much excitement as the red, frothy liquid poured down the sides of the volcano. "It' s blood!" was the cry from one child. Of course they could not resist putting their hands into the mixture which did leave them very red and bloody looking! The children smelt the ingredients to try and discover what the brown liquid was. "Vinegar!" They thought the white powder was sugar. Don't think it would taste too sweet! They took turns at adding the baking soda to the mix and the squeals of excitement would repeat with each explosion of froth. A great active exploration experience for these younger children.

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