Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Off to the cross country

There are always opportunities to see what our friends at Nayland Primary are up to, and we heard a whisper that the cross country was on at Nayland College. Margie was pretty keen to go and watch her son Joseph running and it was a great opportunity for our children to see their brothers, sisters, peers and friends running too and of course to cheer them on. So that is just what we did, as we luckily had a couple of extra hands on deck and we had enough adults to meet ratio. So off we went................ practicing our walking safely, crossing the road safely and walking holding hands with a friend.
The teachers relish these opportunities and it certainly was fun seeing our friends and family trying their very best in the running races, and we clapped and cheered and called out their names as they ran past us. It was so much fun that maybe we might set up some running races and get fit and healthy too.

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