Friday, August 14, 2009

Lee's session - July 20th - morning children

First day back into Term 3 and Lee's session got us moving.
This session involved ball play - the $2 shop prickle balls - not the small tennis ball ones but the soccer ball size.
But we started with medicine balls - talk about a flashback to Avondale College phys ed sessions! Anyway, children passed the balls from hand to hand in a circle and then, lifting the ball above their head they passed the ball to the child next to them.
The following skills were practiced:
  • fine motor - the prickle ball was held with 2 hands and each finger flicked the prickles on the ball
  • the prickle ball was rolled with a small amount of pressure on children's bodies as they moved from their head to their waist - roll the ball around the waist - co-ordinate hands in front and back to do this1
  • hands out straight with the ball - drop and catch the ball and then drop, clap your hands and catch the ball
  • sit down on the ground - 2 straight legs - make the core[where tummy button is] of body strong and put the ball between your feet - rock back with straight legs onto your back and catch the ball as you let the ball go with your feet
  • two children stand with one foot forward and one foot back - and the ball between them - then pull hard!
The hand-eye co-ordination, body awareness[as the ball rolls on children's body - body parts are identified] and the hands had many sensory messages - weight - heavy balls, flicking the prickle ball, gripping a ball, patting a ball..

Children listen to the instructions to develop their memory of two and three step instructions - that is, "hold the ball with your hands on the side, flick the ball with your thumbs and continue with each finger having a turn." Children see the actions as they listen and they join in - children become engaged in their learning.
Children are actively engaged in persevering and continuing their involvement with Lee's session as they have fun and practice their physically active play and learning.

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