Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Fire Engine Visits

At the end of term 2 we had two visits from the Stoke Volunteer Fire Service, the first visit to an afternoon session and the second to a morning session. This was particularly exciting for two of our afternoon children as there were several family members amongst the crew including their granddad and their father. The children all had the opportunity to explore the fire engine, sitting up there in the front at teh steering wheel or in the back with their friends. Then it was into a mat time where the children sang the 'Fire Truck" song to our guests. Then Peter talked to the children about fire safety, using the big book, "Get Out, Stay Out!" One of the crew also demonstrated the breathing apparatus, while emphasising that although he may look and sound scary he is your friend and there to help you if you need rescuing from a fire. Then it was time to practise our fire safety, carrying out a fire drill under the watchful eye of the experts. When it was time to go the engine did a drive past the Kindergarten with its lights flashing and siren blaring. All very exciting and we are very grateful to the Stoke Fire Service for coming in and talking to the children about fire safety.
After these visits fire fighting play has been a feature amongst some of the children, the boys in particular, at both morning and afternoon sessions. These visits were in recognition of children's genuine interests while connecting links with the community and family and a valuable learning experience for all.

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