Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ange's Physically active afternoon session

First week back at kindergarten in Term 3, 2009 - afternoon children get physically active with Ange.
Ange's focus was on core strength and balance. Children warmed up on the spots with balance exercises - just their heels balancing their body, one foot and one hand on the same side of the body, and balancing on their knees with an upright body and their feet off the floor as shown in the photos.
Then children continued balance, movement and core strength by standing on the beam with their still body. The beam is about 10 cm in height as children have to have success and gain in confidence before they apply their skills to a 10 metre beam!
Then, as they were standing on the beam with the middle of their feet, children slowly lowered their body and hugged their knees - what fantastic balance and strength!
Ange then asked the children to move on the beam with their slow feet - heel to toe [foot in front - the heel touches the foot behind - toe], big steps and then quick steps.
As with all of Ange's sessions, we then had floor time where children played with some of Ange's new equipment and at the end - 3 big breaths to slow down and finish.
Children are persevering with these sessions, by starting and finishing the whole session, practicing the exercises with a friend or teacher during Ange's session and listening to Ange's instructions as she shows the children what to do.
Next afternoon session - Ange Thursday, August 20th at 2pm

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