Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our Worm farm grows

Children in afternoon and morning sessions continue to show a keen interest in our worm farm. We gather around the worm farm and check the food supply, odour and moisture level in the worm farm. If there is a problem, then our Environment Folder[on the shelf by the kitchen] has an easy to understand pamphlet on fixing those problems!
Our worm farm was full of great compost and as we had a new garden - the dirt went into the garden. The worms were carefully sorted from their compost into their new home - however, we did seem to have less worms in the bin.
So as we are in this fantastic education community - we contacted Nayland College's worm teacher - Mr Bryant. Off we went on a sunny Friday morning and we collected a bucket of worms from them and now our worm farm is full of worms!
Sustainability is about reducing, reusing and recycling and so to sustain our worm farm - please keep on bringing your food scraps from home.

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