Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Jimmy

If your child came home telling you all about Jimmy's 5th birthday at kindergarten, you were probably wondering who in the earth Jimmy is. 3 Nayland college boys and their media teacher had asked if they could video a mock birthday for their friend Jimmy at kindergarten, because he was born on a leap year he was actually only turning 5 this birthday.
Jimmy had a wonderful birthday at kindergarten, he sat on the birthday chair at mat time, he blew out the 5 candles on his cake and the children sang him happy birthday and he chose fairy claps, because he really likes fairies. The children then sang him twinkle twinkle little star and he told us what he liked doing at kindergarten with his friends. Then it was time for us to say the goodbye poem, so Jimmy invited his friends up to stand with him. During the morning, Jimmy played with the playdough, he painted a special picture for his friend and then the children took him outside to play on the monkey bars and slide.
Then it was time for Jimmy to go off to school, he was really sad to leave all his friends and his wonderful teachers, but all his friends gathered at the gate to wave him goodbye.
We are looking forward to seeing the video which will not be released for viewing until we are happy that no children's faces are visible, unless parents give us permission first.

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