Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Food, kai, food

Food at Nayland kindergarten has been plentiful this term. We started by harvesting our yummy carrots and eating every single one of them -straight from the garden after a little rinse from the hose.
Other food we have made with the children: hummus, sandwiches, stir-fry, pita bread and tomato and pumpkin soups.
Some food has been celebrated with our families in the form of shared lunches and other food has just been eaten by all of us during the session.
The focus of eating everyday food such as your 5+ fruit and vege colours every morning tea and at lunchtime has resulted in raising children's awareness of the different food available and present in their lunchboxes - thank you families.
The lunchbox focus with reusable bags and reusable containers is supporting our focus on sustainability as well - so thank you families again.
But talk about back-firing - glad wrap balls were being collected everyday - i.e. glad wrap from children's lunchbox being wrapped in a ball shape - and our thinking was about reducing the glad wrap in children's lunchboxes. However, the children were great at offering glad wrap to see how big the ball could be made! So, we have stopped the gladwrap balls as it takes up to a thousand years for gladwrap to waste away and the message of sustainability - reduce, reuse and recycle continues!

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