Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The clay mini art exhibition

A mini art exhibition happened at kindergarten today.

It was time celebrate our wonderful clay artists at kindergarten and to show our families the amazing clay masterpieces the children have been making over the term. Each week as Fiona arrived to set up her clay work many of the same children returned to practice the skills and knowledge they learned from previous weeks, and they were very enthusiastic about trying something new. I had also made a point of joining Fiona's group and I was just as excited and enthusiastic as the children to design, mould, shape and paint my clay canvas and cup.

The clay works were at different stages, with some pieces air drying, others painted, some lacquered and others had already been fired in the kiln.

A number of parents turned up to see the exhibition and lots of "Wows" and positive comments could be heard as they looked over the clay masterpieces on display.

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