Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A visit to the museum

Dinosaurs are always a topic of great interest, so when we saw the fossil and dinosaur exhibition at the Nelson Museum a small group of children and adults set off to investigate. The exhibition has prompted lots of discussion about fossils, millions of years ago, moa's, caves, the size of dinosaurs and that some creatures do not look the same today. The proof is in the pudding I say, as they discussions continue and with the support of a resource box of fossils kindly loaned to us by the museum, we are continuing to discuss fossils and have some hands on experience.

The wonder of children - a child explained fossils to the group - "when plants or animal bones go into the ground, sand goes around them and that makes mud, which turns into concrete and that is how you get a fossil". Our philosophy is created alongside children and so is our learning as teachers - I will save that explanation for another day.

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