Thursday, May 28, 2009


There has been a growing concern at kindergarten with children leaving through the gate and not holding hands with an adult and being allowed to go unaided over the driveway and into the Broadgreen car park. Time to discuss this issue with the children! There was new realization that it is a drive way for cars out the gate not a foot path. Children came up with safety management rules for leaving kindergarten and crossing driveways and roads in general, even when riding their bikes. Ka Pai!

The Kiwi Group came up with the Gate Safety Rap and taught this to the group along with the actions. The words go:

It is the rule
To be safe and cool
So before you leave
Make sure you wait
Hold an adults hand
To get out the gate

Make sure you look
Left and right
Use walking feet
And you'll be right

Then it was time to call in reinforcements, otherwise known as Constable Keith. He was impressed with our rules and asked to remember to;
He then helped us all practice crossing the driveway in both the morning and afternoon session.

Of course it would not the same if we did not get a turn to look in his car and see the lights and listen to the siren!
Thank you Constable Keith and thank you to all the children who support their parents to learn and practice the safety rules ever day when coming and going to kindergarten.

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