Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The dancing troupe

The visual arts journey continues at Nayland Kindergarten, as the children and teachers, have an opportunity to experience dance, music and drama sessions with Sherie, a local dance teacher. The dance sessions happened over 6 weeks every Wednesday morning for 30 minutes.
The dance sessions always start with a "start picture" and a "finishing picture", to encourage creativity and freedom of expression. During the sessions children had an opportunity to explore movement, rhythm, beat, tempo, and dance with controlled movements which valued children's individuality. The elements of enjoyment, creativity, being part of a group, turn taking, stickability, listening to instructions and following instructions, being original and sharing ideas were all part of session. The teachers were just as visible as the children and so the role of participating and taking on roles of responsibility, such as being a leader, dancing on the stage and holding the bridge where all shared.
The visual arts journey continues as we explore dance, drama, song and music in Term 2 2009.

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