Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Food Glorious Food!

This term children have been busy preparing food to share at lunchtime including making Sushi. I was amazed at the number of children who love salmon, avocado and salad. What an exciting experience to watch these experienced sushi makers. We even got to use Manuka smoked salmon fillets, and here I thought we would use tinned! Very sophisticated pallets.

The next week we used lettuce and rocket greens out of our own garden with lettuce and tomatoes from a child's garden to make a tasty tossed salad. We also made a fruit salad to ensure we did not waste fruit brought in from home. Both salads were prepared by the children and all enjoyed extra helpings!

Also prepared and tasting delicious this term has been Spaghetti Bolognaise, Blueberry and Apple Crumble, Pizza and Scones with homemade Batt current (aka blackcurrent) jam.

We welcome any favourite recipes from home to continue this learning of how we prepare food to eat, broadening the taste experiences for children, and making those all important links between home and kindergarten. Why not come and help prepare your recipe with the children. You are always welcome.

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