Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Following the large interest in making necklaces last term, I thought it would be exciting to explore making our own beads, more exciting would be to use recycled materials following our sustainability focus. After researching the internet a number of the children decided we should make newspaper beads. Here's how we did it.
First rip up lots of newspaper into small pieces, cover with boiling water and leave to pulp. After this has cooled and processed, squeeze all the excess water out of the pulp.
Then PVA glue is added and kneaded in until you get a mixture that holds together. Then roll the beads or do what we tried and make flat pieces for pendants. A successful experiment! Leave to dry and harden. You can poke holes in them at this stage before drying for threading. We chose to drill holes into the hardened beads, Thanks Emily for helping the children here.
Then the creativity takes over - the painting. We discovered gold paint to add detail. Then the last step is to thread and create. I really liked this process and can see it being a faster and more tactile way of creating scenes such as landscapes and models opposed to the more traditional methods of papier mache. Here is one beautiful piece of newspaper bead jewellery.
Watch this space.....

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