Saturday, February 14, 2009

This year children and teachers at Nayland Kindergarten have been looking at art, talking about art and creating art.. To celebrate the creative journey of children and teachers as artists we decided to hold an art exhibition.

Nayland teachers value children's art as serious work. Children's art is a way for them to express how they feel, think and view the world. Research is showing that creativity is just as important as numeracy and literacy. Our 21st century learners should be given every opportunity to be innovative with both technology and the visual arts to prepare for a future and jobs that are yet to be invented.

Most children naturally engage in and enjoy some form of art as was evident in the variety of art mediums displayed in the exhibition. Teachers and children have learnt that visual art occurs in all areas of the kindergarten and not limited to an art table.

By giving children opportunities to revisit and reflect on their art work they develop the ability to self assess their work and plan what to do next, sometimes this is with teachers guidance . Throughout these processes children develop a sense of what counts as good work for themselves. They take control of the process and determine the end product. Teachers celebrate the way children have become the teachers throughout many of the art process activities. The teachers acknowledge the process of creating is what is most important and not what is actually created. However the end product is seen as a taonga, a treasure, that must be respected and valued.

This is an amazing celebration of the Nayland Kindergarten artists and with 200+ visitors on the day of the exhibition it was a day to remember for all.

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