Saturday, February 14, 2009

The 2009 blog explosion

The stage has been set for teachers to become active participants on the Nayland Kindergarten blog and for a number of the children and families blogs to be started as a life long record of their child's learning at kindergarten. We have the big picture in view as we have had discussions about the blog then transitioning over to school. Those decisions would then belong to each individual family and the school.

We have started the year off with an amazing piece of artwork up on display on the outside wall. Leece Prince made our thoughts, feelings and ideas real, along with her expertise as an artist it became a reality. We are so grateful for Leece taking on such a huge responsibility just before christmas and for keeping us connected as she worked with such passion and enthusiasm.

In the next blog I would love to show you our wonderful artist Leece and also the huge amount of work that went into this amazing piece of art. Must say that I am really keen to give it a go, and Leece has offered her expertise so that I can again be the learner.

We love it Leece, it gives Nayland Kindergarten a rich identity for who we are to our community, the wider community and beyond.


Nayland Kindergarten said...

A shame my spelling and grammar wasn't 100%, but never mind I am sure you get the picture. Food for thought and time for reflection and I will proof read next time. I got carried away by my own excitment.

Nayland Kindergarten said...

I might just have a little discussion with myself for a while. I have now worked out how to edit my post with all the spelling errors, so disregard my last comment.