Sunday, September 7, 2008

To name just a few

This term has been no exception, we have been busy busy busy, with a number of trips out of the kindergarten and many visitors to view our ICT research in action with the children.
Lynne and Margie took a group of 20 children to Body in Motion to the Nelson Museum for an interactive hour exploring our bodies and how they work. We had wonderful parent involvement with about 10 adults on the trip with us. Nikki the clown demonstrated how our bodies work, and how we can keep them healthy and fit. Check out your child's profile for photos of the trip, we would love your feedback and write in what your child had to say.

You will have noticed the many gardeners outside doing some planting, that is when it hasn't been raining. The children are always keen to help out and a number of the children worked really hard digging, chopping up roots, and adding their own touches with the tree trunks. There is more planting to do this week, so watch the developments and share any ideas you have for our gardens. We will be building a sensory path in the next month, adding lots of herbs and scented plants to enhance the sensory experience.

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